PPL, lead by Christopher Le Dantec, is a group of researchers, students, and community members focused on integrating design, technology, and public engagement to create new forms of civic life.

We are part of the Digital Media program at Georgia Tech.

Cycle Atlanta

A collaboration with the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Regional Commission, we designed apps that enable cyclists to record their rides and share those data with planners to more effectively design new cycling facilities in Atlanta.


Community Historians

An on-going community collaboration with the Historic Westside Cultural Arts Council to cultivate a shared community identity to support local civic engagement.


Speculative Activist Technologies

Working in collaboration with a housing justice organization, we are running participatory and speculative design workshops to explore technologies that address the specific needs activists have when managing their operations and promoting their causes.

Westside Soul

In collaboration with the Historic Westside Cultural Arts Council, we are building a platform with residents to make their values and concerns heard as they go through significant community changes.


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